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Our next adventure takes us on a journey to make flight quiet, in a next-generation electric aircraft built by student innovators! We have embarked on a program that starts with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University designing and building a plane that will be used in tests performed with National Park Service noise experts starting in the Fall of 2015. The Museum of Flight in Seattle, WA is our mission control and will be bringing our story to millions of visitors and students through their educational partnerships.

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Air tours are an ideal starting point for electric flight. Our concept aircraft design shows a vision of what the future of quiet, clean, electric flight could look like.

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Air Shepherd


Air Shepherd, the sole focus of the Lindbergh Foundation, has teams operating drones in three African nations stopping poachers from killing elephants and rhinos. Where we fly, the poaching stops.

Reinventing Aviation

Reinventing Aviation – telling the story about the innovators who are changing the future of flight in the emerging electric aircraft industry through multi-channel media projects.


Ensuring a Sustainable Future for Aviation

Our world depends on aviation for commerce, transportation, and recreation. Powering Imagination is dedicated to driving innovations that make aviation: CLEAN, QUIET, and EXCITING through INNOVATION, ADVENTURE, and STORYTELLING.

Erik Lindbergh, grandson of aviation pioneers Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh, founded Powering Imagination to continue a long-standing heritage of working toward achieving balance between technological advances and preservation of our natural environment. We partner with the leading innovators, educators, and storytellers to drive the dialog about the future of aviation, and to ensure that practical solutions are developed that enable future generations to experience the dream of flight!

Our Goals

CLEAN – Alternative fuels offer the potential to reduce emissions by up to 80%. Powering Imagination is focused on driving: innovation, awareness, and demand for new fuel technologies. Our goal is to ensure that alternative fuels are both commercially and environmentally sustainable.

QUIET – Emerging electric power technologies offer the potential for significant improvements in making aircraft quiet. Through academic, industrial, and institutional partners; we are conducting real-world testing of these technologies to demonstrate their potential and spur commercial development.

EXCITING – The future of flight requires a new generation of passionate aviators and technologists. Through our partners we will reach tens of millions of students to inspire them with our adventures and the progress being made with sustainable flight.